Semilla plays musica andina in southern Colombia
Howling Earth features live video recordings of original indigineous music in South America
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Jackson Arturo Ordoñez
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Diego Esteban Ordoñez
Gabriel Santiago Ordoñez
Sebastian Palechor Ordoñez
Alejandro Ordoñez
David Andres Ordoñez
Erick Ordoñez
Johnatan Ordoñez
Ariel Navia
Javier Gomez
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Popayan group Semilla
          Semilla are a talented group of ten young musicians who play an interesting mix of "música andina." With director Jackson Arturo Ordoñez (who also happens to be father of 7 of the group!) at the helm, these youths ranging from 8 to 15 years of age have played at big events throughout  Colombia and are destined for greater things to come.  In this selection of music videos they perform the Colombian favorite "La Guaneña."

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1.Camino Al Guamuez (fusion) lyrics submit your comments here more photos watch music video Play Video Dvd Catalogue
2.La Guaneña (traditional Bambuco) lyrics comments more photos watch music video Sample Video Dvd Catalogue
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