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Afro-Colombian Music
         Originating from West Africa, we find afro-colombian music on both the pacific and atlantic coasts of Colombia. From Buenaventura and the El Choco region comes the pacific influence, and above the central amercian connection to Panama on the atlantic coast we have caribbean influenced groups from La Guajira To Cartagena. 
         Although the instruments, bombos, maracas etc., remain virtually  the same, we found a faster more frenzied sound and dance with Candela Viva, the 27 piece ensemble from Cartagena, and a slower, more repeti- tive pace with Aires Del Pacifico, a group originally from the "El Choco"  region on the southern pacific coast.
         On the videos you can see both groups are having a great time performing and playing these percussion oriented songs, with the dances often being physically amazing, sexy and suggestive stories of life and love on the coast.

Afro-Colombian music groups

Candela Viva (Col)
Aires Del Pacifico (Col)