music of cotopaxi, ecuador
South American Musicians recorded live only on Howling Earth
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San Miguel Chugchilan
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Angel -   Trumpet
Alfredo-   Trumpet
Alfonso-   Trumpet
Jubani-   Trumpet
Vilisario-   Saxophone
Segundo-   Saxophone
Manuel-   Saxophone
Aberlardo-   Trombone
Alberto-   Trombone
Jose-   Tambor
Fausto-   Timbales
Eduardo-   Bombo [an error occurred while processing this directive]

los musicos de la banda san miguel
         Banda San Miguel De Chugchilan hail from the Cotopaxi region of Ecuador, south of Quito but we recorded them in Banos,  which is considered the gateway to  the Amazon and is quite popular with foreign travelers. They are considered "música nacional" or national music, consisting of many musicians playing horn instruments such as trumpets, tubas and saxophones along with marching band percussion. Their sound is strangely reminiscent of Brass bands from New Orleans.

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