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Isaac Molina:
(0058) 0274 244 2255
Maximiliano Meza:
(0058) 0414 742 9789
Arcemiro Rojas:
(0058) 0274 244 1408
Restaurante Plaza Milla:
(0058) 0274 252 9731

Luis Ernesto Vargas
Isidoro Sosa
Isaac Molina
Pedro Rondon
Mario Antonio Orellana
Maximiliano Meza
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grupo milla
       Grupo Milla have been coming together every weekend to play at Restaurante Pastelitos off La Plaza Milla, Merida, for a number of years at the behest of the owner, Carlos Silva. We filmed these seasoned players of Venezuelan Classical music one fine sunny day and here you can enjoy their version of "El Sancochero".
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