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July Angelica Murcia Pinilla
Tel: 2292634
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July Angelica Murcia Pinilla-
Bombo drums
Steffany Alexandra Quintero
Angarita-Conga drums
Diana Katherine Correa 
Maria Angelica Correa 
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los musicos del Grupo Omagua
        El Grupo Omagua is a quartet of musicians from Bogota who play folklorico with two Gaitas and two drums.  They use cumbia and puya rhythms on the videos presented here.

Please Note- All videos are streaming media player WMV format. Mac users can watch the videos with a free player you can download here.
1.El Pensador (traditional cumbia) lyrics submit your comments here more photos watch music video Play Video Dvd Catalogue
Grupo OmaguaOmagua playing Cumbia music
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