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Pedro Tel:3283713, 95985144.
Oskar Tel:2743247, 97056786.
Viviana Tel: 93690460, 5678412.

Oskar Rojas - guitar
Pedro Diaz - caja
Viviana - vocals

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Sabor a Canela
       Trio Sabor a Canela consists of Viviana and Pedro Diaz who play regularly at Oita Noma in the El Barranco area of Lima and Oskar Rojas, the maestro of guitar who you will see on other pages in this site. The first song we have on this page is called "La Flor de la Canela" written by Chabuca Granda and recorded near the famous and picturesque bridge at El Barranco.
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1.La Flor de la Canela (traditional) lyrics submit your comments here photos Play WMV Video Dvd Catalogue
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