Indigineous music from the Ecuadorian Amazon
Howling Earth features live video recordings of original indigineous Amazonian music in South America
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Tucanes Amazónicos
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Maximilano Andi- Guitarra
Miguel López- Bombo
Ramiro López- Guitarra
Silvio Andi- Guiro
Alberto López- Violin(liki-liki
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Quichiua tribe Tucanes Amazonicos from San Mariano, Ecuador
          Tucanes Amazónicos are of the Quichiua tribe in the upper Amazon basin of Ecuador, 30 kilometers due east of Puyo in the small "pueblito" of San Mariano near Arajuno. The great Amazonian scenery and colorful costumes really make this a truly unique music video selection.  If you visit Puyo, make sure to take the trip out to San Mariano on the way to Arajuno and visit our Quichiua friends, this area is loaded with great hiking, caving and other points of interest for travellers.

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Girl from the Quichiua tribe
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