Shuar music and culture of the Ecuadorian Amazon
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Felipe Wampash
Jardin Botanico Jintim
Via Puyo-Macas Km. 60
Puyo, Ecuador


Rosa Eulalia Mashumar 
Inchis - voice
Felipe Darro Wampash
Numkaim- percussive gourd
Unknown musician - flute [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Rosa Eulalia Mashumar Inchis of the Shuar tribe
          60 kilometers south-east of Puyo in the upper Amazon Basin of Ecuador you will find the amazing Shuar Botanical Gardens, owned and operated by tribe leader and Shaman Felipe, his wife Rosa and their children Paul, Olivo, Janeth, Paola, Alex and Jeovany Wampash.  The massive gardens contain a variety of medicinal plants the Shuar use to remedy many ailments as well as to create the powerful hallucinogen "Ayahuasca," used often in rituals. The music of the Shuar is very basic, often as you will see in these videos only a singer performs the beautiful and haunting tribal music that is Shuar.

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Felipe Wampash performs with another Shuar musician
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