ayahuasca rituals in the ecuadorian amazon
Shuar tribes use yage hallucinogens in tribal ceremonies
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Ayahuasca ritual
Jardin Botanico Shuar
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       While visiting the Shuar Botanical and Medicinal gardens in the upper Amazon basin of Ecuador near the town of Puyo, we were fortunate enough to document and take part in an Ayahuasca ceremony which the Shuar people have been practicing 100's of years. Ayahuasca is a natural and powerful hallucinogen created from a combination of 7 different plants found within the botanical gardens. It takes an entire day to make the mixture, from picking the plants to cooking the components over a period of several hours until it is finally strained into a drinkable brown liquid.
       The ritual took place in the early evening in a large bamboo hut on the grounds. Felipe acted as our "moderator," first talking about what we might experience and how to combat the ill effects which typically follow ingestion of the liquid. Before partaking, we snorted a liquified tobacco up our noses and Felipe's wife Rosa sprayed a great smelling herbal concoction all over us which has the effect of easing one into the hallucination or "trip." The results varied by susceptibility and amount of the ayahuasca or Yage ingested.

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