take a trip to the forest of statues in San Augustin
Tour guide Luis Polyglot Salazar unravels the mystery behind the ruins of San Agustin
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Archeological guide Luis Polyglot Salazars
          Luis Salazars is a specialist with 40 plus years of experience as a guide in archeological and agricultural tourism in San Agustin and throughout Colombia. He has extensive knowledge of the history of the area and in particular the history of the mysterious statues and ruins of San Agustin, considered one of the most important archeological sites in the entire continent of South America along with two other Colombian sites, "Tierradentro" and "Ciudad Perdida," the latter of which exists near the northeast coast in Parque Nacional Tayrona.
          Luis conducts tours in Parque Arqueologico (3 km from downtown San Agustin) in several languages including English, Frances, Italiano, Aleman and of course Spanish.
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1.The Statues of San Agustin Watch Video
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San Agustin statuestatue in the parque arqueologico museum

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